IAN Young Researchers Committee (YRC)

IAN Young Researchers Committee (YRC)

The Young Researchers Committee (YRC) provides a platform for networking with other professionals thus providing an opportunity to strengthen young medical professionals, Young researchers skills, knowledge and expertise.

This is done primarily by creating and implementing educational and scientific programmes relevant to young researchers in their daily practice and/or research activities. YRC activities are open to all young members of IAN.

Activities and Responsibilities

With the objective of developing good professionals in the field of Neuroscience, Neurology & Neurosurgery for the future by Integrating the activities of the YRC.

Developing YRC Sessions at the Annual IAN meetings.

Informing the IAN Executive Board about career development issues.

Enhancing young professional expertise for future practice and career development.

Promoting opportunities for research activities.

Creating a global IAN - Young professional network where common issues can be shared and debated.

The IAN Young professional Committee is composed of,


Committee Members